3D + Robotics MUM8TA004 – Dat Nguyen


Hi, my name is Dat, second-third year student at Haaga-Helia. My goals for the course are to get broad understanding of 3D Robotics and to benefit myself, as well as to satisfy my curiosity. The only challenge I have at the moment is I didn’t have that much experience regarding this field. My first project is a radar with a servo motor:

The final outcome


I experimented with creating an Ultrasonic Sensor with LCD I2C because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first, and I was able to do so surprisingly quickly. I wanted to do something with moving parts after the Ultrasonic Sensor with LCD I2C. I created something using ultrasonic ranging, which is a sensor with radar that will scan the area around it and detect the object in front of the sensor, after gaining a basic understanding of 3D robotics. At the conclusion of the project, I attempted to make the ultrasonic function, but the only way I was able to do so was by uploading the codes separately. I could have made the ultrasonic work if I had started this project earlier.

Work in progress

What did I need to learn

In general, I believe that writing the code for the sensor is challenging from the beginning because there are so many obstacles to overcome. It takes a long time to simply put the part together, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. I initially struggled with the hardware and software, but with time and the assistance of our teacher, I was able to figure it out as well. Overall, it was a great experience because I now understand how everyday items like 3D robotics and electronics are made, which also benefits my general knowledge.

Early testing

The outcome

I was surprised by how much I learnt in this course, especially with the use of the sensor, coding, and many new concepts. The electrical connections also underwent a lot of experimenting and testing. using imagery, crafting, and soldering, etc.

I thought this course was pleasant. Naturally, when the robot didn’t work, but when it finally did, I felt like a success.

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