3D modeling

3D modeling is the creation of virtual models of real or imaginary objects, using only three items. Vertices, between which are edges, which when connected form faces. These faces can then be assigned materials, and textures, finally forming a complete object, usually called mesh.

A box being designed in Blender for printing

Blender may seem daunting at first, but when one takes it slow and learns the basic things properly, the vistas of possible designs widens every day, and it will be one day possible to create lifelike views of anything that can be envisioned.

Spitfire XIV in a revetment.

At Haaga-Helia, the basic course gives students all the skills needed to create a virtual room with at least eight items of furniture in it. This seems to be a good final task, since some of the submitted rooms are actually studies in architecture. More than 1,000 students have taken the basic course. Their reasons for taking the course vary from wanting to understand basic modeling to designing trade fairs, but nevertheless, the most important thing is to learn enough to figure out if 3D is the thing for you.

Kitchen scene

We can also design for virtual environments such as the Mozilla Spoke. Let’s get in touch and see how our students could help you in your 3D modeling needs.