How Was The Seminar?

Time really does fly! The 1-week seminar was a blast and seems to pass by so quickly but it leaves me great feelings afterwards. Good memories are still lingering around and I wish I could attend another IT Seminar like this as well as come back to Spain at some points.

Alright folks, this is going to be a post about my experience so I’m going to write this with a relaxed tone so I won’t bore you out πŸ˜‰.

Monday – 18.04.2022

It was travelling day on Monday, I came to the airport super early to work on my stuff and had a nice chat with our teacher as well as my teammates. There was no butterfly in my stomach, maybe I’m used to not putting high hope in anything. Everything was fine except the rude flight attendant. I stayed in the hostel with 3 teammates and we stayed awake to assemble our boxes until 2AM. Productive first day in Madrid!

Tuesday – 19.04.2022

Tuesday was the first day of the seminar and the Spanish team opened it with a presentation about Platform Game. We had to install a bunch of software such as Unity, Unity Hub, Vital, Waveform etc. We learned how to create a 2D platform game in a simplest way. After that, we had to separate into 2 groups to learn how to create soundtracks for the game as well as the pixel arts. It was really interesting to learn all of this but the day ended super late since there was too much information to digest. I would say, it was an ambitious day. Here is my treat after a hard-working day πŸ‘‡

The real Tapas from Spain!

First time trying Tapas, I’d say the concept is very much the same with the dishes we usually eat when we drink liquor or beer in Vietnam. This was “Pork Ears Tapas” by the way.

Wednesday – 20.4.2022

Wednesday was Finland day, we took the lead to conduct a workshop to all Swiss and Spanish students to learn how to build our IoT tracking device. The day was really smooth from my point of view. We got superb feedback from other students, they all said that our day was very interesting, well-organized and not too long. We ended the day with the treasure hunt game, in which we should find our teacher while he was holding a box that broadcasting the GPS data. Our team didn’t win but we had fun!

After the interesting workshop, I got to walk around and see the beauty of Madrid.

These are just some samples of the beauty, unfortunately πŸ˜„.

And then guess what, more beer for us in a cool bar when the night came!

Thursday – 21.04.2022

It was Swiss day today and they introduced us the concepts of cyber security, social engineering, etc. We got to practice our knowledge with some cool exercises on with “hacker” mindsets. It was really cool since I can use my Software Development knowledge on these exercises. I was fast at first but I have to admit that the challenges were tough πŸ˜….

We celebrated the last day with a “kilometer of pizza”

Of course it’s not 1km but 1m is impressive enough, ha? 😜

Friday – 22.04.2022

The seminar closed up with some group pictures and diplomas were handed out. After that, we went on a field trip to visit Indra – military electronics – company. It was super dope to be in a NATO secret facility! We shouldn’t take pictures so no picture to show here but I learned a lot.

It was wise to come back to Finland on Saturday instead of Friday since we got to hang around to see more places in Madrid with 2 beautiful Spanish girls after midnight πŸ˜†, what’s better than that?

Cool place!

So, how was Madrid?

I was such an awesome experience. I can’t express more by words. If I could come to another IT Seminar, I definitely will!

So folks, if you have a chance to go, please sign up and go, you won’t regret! But keep in mind, if you go on April like us, pack as if you go to Lapland, it was as cold as Finland there, even colder πŸ₯Ά.


Hei hei!

TαΊ‘m biệt!


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