IT Seminar Sierre 2023, Team 1

Introduce your team

My team Included me and Miisa Salminen. We both are second year students from Haaga-Helia´s IT-Tradenomi programme. IoT in general was quite distant for me before this course but it had always been something that I would like to know more about.

Both of us had very little previous experience about IoT devices or IoT in general, but now I can say that I know stuff thanks to the IT Seminar in Sierre!

Introduce your subproject

Me and Miisa started building the device with googling what do to. It was quite easy to find instructions on this device online.

Then we added the wires to right places and got our lcd display to work, yay!

Seminar trip

Discuss the trip to the Seminar

The trip to the Seminar was fun. We went there a day early to see Milan and after a day there we went to Sierre by train.

In Sierre we found the intriguing hotel system where we just walked in and took a room! That was strange but the hotel turned to be ok after all.

Day 1… Day 4

Discuss each day that you spent at the Seminar. What was presented, what was your initial skill level, what did you learn, was it interesting etc. Include pics and don’t forget to tell us a little of what happened in the evening.

Day 1 – We arrived to Sierre by train and got our hotel room. Then we went to a local grocery store and bought food.

Day 2 – We struggled to find the campus of the school but finally we found it and then we spent the day inside the campus learning about Raspberry Pi. After that we spent time at the hotel and went for a pizza. It was the Swiss day. I didn’t know much about this topic beforehand.

Day 3 – We went to the campus to learn about 3D and VR from the Spanish group. After that we enjoyed our time at the hotel and got to know each other a little better. I didn’t know much about this topic beforehand.

Day 4 – It was the Finnish day and we taught the Swiss and Spaniards how to build an IoT device and then we hunted Heikki with the coordinates shown on the device. After that we spent time at the hotel and went for a trip to Sierre with the Swiss. The day was very fun.

Unfortunately a couple of us couldn’t stay for the last day and we had to leave to Milan as there were train strikes our trip there took over 8h instead of the around 2,5h that was supposed to.

Thoughts after the Seminar

The IT Seminar In Sierre was such a great time! It was lovely meet now people and enjoy the amazing views of the Swiss Alps.

I learned how to build a simple IoT device, how Raspberry Pi and augmented reality work and what 3D and VR are.

I would recommend this to anyone who’s interested in learning new things and it does help you to understand your studies better!

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